Arrowhead Saddle Club

A family oriented horse club


Arrowhead Saddle Club of Indian Grove, Missouri

If you love horses and want to spend time with others who feel the same way, then you have come to the right place!  We have a large member base with a varied experience with horses.  If you have ridden all your life, want to show, or just play around, or are just beginning in your adventure with horses - we have something for everyone!

We have trail rides, camping trips, team sorting, fun shows, sanctioned shows and a rodeo!  All are welcome to participate - and who may even want to become a member!

 Browse our site and find out why we are one of the best ways to spend your summers


Starting January 01, 2014 there will be a Membership Board.  The board was established at the September meeting.  The membership board will be responsible for keeping records of the attendance of Arrowhead Saddle Club members attendance at club functions.
To maintain your Active Club Member status you  will be required to attend a minimum of four club functions.  These functions can be monthly meetings,work days etc. A club member must attend four functions from January 1st each year to rodeo time to be considered an active club member.  You will be required to be an Active Club Member in order to attend the rodeo at no charge. 


 Potential new members must be present and be presented by a current member in good standing at one meeting, then at the second meeting the current members will vote on membership acceptance.  The Potential new members are not to be present at the second meeting during the voting process


VERY proud to announce that our saddle club has raised $5000 to turn in to St. Judes, I'm glad to belong to a club that is so strong in raising money for such a great cause.



Arrowhead Saddle Club Minutes

 October 25, 2017



The Arrowhead Saddle Club met at the school house.  Vice President Gary Clark called the meeting to order in Randy’s absence.


Mary Sue Nolke read minutes from September 2017 meeting.  Motion was made by Llenell Richardson to accept the minutes as read.   2nd by Tommy Penick.  Motion passed.


Sydney Gladbach handed out and went over the treasurer’s report.  Sydney reported that the total we have brought in for St. Jude Children’s Hospital is $2053.  Mary Sue Nolke made motion to accept treasurers report as presented 2nd by Llenell Richardson, motion passed.


Old Business


Mary Sue mentioned that she has not talked to Peggy Rice about the saddle club flag yet.


Barry Vandeventer was not at the meeting to report on the Pizza Party.  Gary said that Randy Nolke and he would go talk to the advisor about the Pizza Party in the next week or so.


It was asked when the Holiday Dinner was scheduled.   The Holiday Dinner will be December 2nd 6:30pm at Don’s Restaurant in Huntsville, MO.  Mary Sue will send out reminders through txt, email, facebook, etc to get an estimated count.


New Business


Sydney reported that the St. Jude Children’s Hospital total did not include the Forrest Sharp memorial.  Matt Richardson made the motion that the club donate enough to bring our total to $3000.  Tim Rice 2nd the motion and the motion passed.


Matt Richardson asked Tommy contact someone to fill the propane tank at the school house.  Tommy said he could.  Matt made the motion that the club pay for the propane.  Glenn Fox 2nd the motion and motion passed.


Matt Richardson asked if Tim or anyone had winterized the club bathrooms or cookshack.  No one had.



Upcoming/Potential/Wanted Club Activities


December 2nd 6:30pm Holiday Dinner-Don’s Restaurant Huntsville, MO


Next Meeting

Refreshments for next meeting Gary/Bonnie Clark.  Next meeting will be at the schoolhouse at 7PM January 24, 2018.  Motion made to adjourn by Llenell Richardson and 2nd by Nichole Lauhoff.  Motion passed.



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